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Here you can see a list of our experienced Import & Export items:

Construction Materials: metals/steel and different forms of them (hot/cold roll, galvanized)

Construction Tools

Industrial Parts: motors, cable, spare parts, etc.

Food & Beverages: cooking oil, frozen chicken, spaghetti,etc.

Hygienics: soap, shampoo, detergants, etc.

Raw Materials


Petroleum & Gasoline: different products of them


Handicrafts: carpets, etc.

Medicinal Herbs: liquorice, etc.

It should be mentioned that we would like to expande the
range of our trading goods, so you can contact us in the case
you want to do business with Turkey or Middle East
regardless of the above list. We are highly concerned
about new trends in the world trade.

There is no limit in the geography of our business, though highly
focused on Middle East and Imports/Exports from Turkey,
we had good business relations and trades with European Countries,
and have ongoing negotiations with other continents.


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